Clinton County 2010

January 25, 2010

An invitation

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Two a.m. is probably not the best time to start a blog, especially a political blog that could be picked apart by critics in the daylight. However, 2:00 a.m. is when volunteers like myself (and other progressives and liberal commoners) are forced to find time and resources. We don’t have super-wealthy corporations pushing an agenda with well-equipped and paid staff to produce polished essays and videos and uber-edited sound-bite friendly slogans. What I believe we do have, is a large scattered set of individual critical thinkers, who could bring deep and broad analysis to issues that concern residents of mid-Michigan and Clinton County in particular.

So I’m inviting locals to take a few turns at blogging on topics that you have special knowledge of, topics that concern you, or that should concern everyone. Let’s use this space to explore facts and feelings, persuade AND listen respectfully, learn from each other, and build a common body of knowledge. I’ll get the ball rolling in a minute, but then I invite you to contact me or one of the executive officers to become a temporary or regular blogger here. I can be reached at Write soon.

Now on to an interesting quiz I came across tonight. It did take me 5-10 minutes to complete the quiz, but it was well worth it. I’d be interested to hear from any other classical music listeners who took it. Did you also discover that your favorite composers have similar political leanings? More importantly, how does this model help people like myself make connections between the two predominate groups in northern Clinton County — the Libertarians and the Catholics? I can empathize with each group on a few different issues, but alas, according to this model, they will often be politically opposite of each other. It seems that this may be part of the ongoing social struggle to increase personal freedoms while still reaping the benefits of group cooperation.


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